Have you ever heard of World Ventures?

Have you ever heard of World Ventures?

I think it’d be stellar if you did a review on them, I’d love to see your in-depth opinion on World Ventures/Dreamtrips

I have never heard of this particular program, but the presentation and the fact that the recruitment process relies heavily on friends and family and selling people into an “opportunity” is consistent with most MLM’s these days.

If a company is selling you (or in most cases, the participant of the MLM) on the fact that you can earn lots of money by building a downline and recruiting others, and as a “secondary” there are actual products to promote, then I would avoid it.

The problem is, most MLM’s rely on rebilling their own customers and participants for a great deal of their overall income so the fees just to be part of an MLM like this can be quite substantial through time. Not to mention, if you plan on selling the product to someone else you tend to have to “overcharge” as the products are inflated to support the commission structure and paying people down many different levels in the scheme.

Their products are based on health and nutrition and personal care products. Most of the products are innovative and rare to find like health cup for personal hydrogenated drinking water. Continue reading “Have you ever heard of World Ventures?”